Legacy Model - 122 cm Dual Fuel Range - 4 Burners, Infrared Chargrill and Infrared Teppanyaki


Discover a new world of cooking with the Wolf 122 cm dual fuel range – the best of two worlds, actually. Topside: Wolf gas cooking in all its glory, with the power and control of dual-stacked burners that now produce up to 16 MJ at the high end down to a mere breath of flame for gentle simmers and melts. Below: that marvel of cooking technology, the Wolf dual convection electric oven. Its two fans and four heating elements work in concert, directed by electronic controls, to create 10 cooking modes.

Simply select the mode that’s right for your dish, and anticipate delicious results. In the Convection mode, multiple racks of rolls or pastries achieve identical brownness with no rotation of baking sheets necessary. Or try Convection Roast, and produce juicy, gorgeously browned poultry and meats with surprising speed. There’s also a second single-convection 46 cm oven for quick preheats of smaller meals. No more guesswork - with the Wolf ICBDF484CG dual fuel range, you’ll cook with an almost blissful confidence and control. less

Product Features

  • 4 burners plus infrared chargrill and teppanyaki

    Burners enough for almost any culinary challenge, plus a 15 MJ chargrill and 15 MJ teppanyaki for everything from succulent steaks to perfect pancakes.

Specifications and Downloads

Wolf Legacy Model - 122 cm Dual Fuel Range - 4 Burners, Infrared Chargrill and Infrared Teppanyaki ICBDF484CG


Certainly, you can fix eggs and pancakes on the teppanyaki (griddle) of the Wolf Dual Fuel Range. But how about lamb sliders and other dinner delicacies? Chef Coleman shows Wolf owners Holly and Carly how to use the teppanyaki (griddle) like it’s the most useful pan ever.

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