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Caroline Tyler DeCesare

Caroline Tyler DeCesare

DeCesare Design Group

    • Caroline Tyler DeCesare is a 5th generation native of Mesa, Arizona. She received her Interior Design degree from Arizona State University in 2000. After working at a high-end Scottsdale, Arizona design firm for 10 years, she decided to start her own firm in 2009. Her firm specializes in high-end residential and hospitality properties.

      Q&A with Caroline Tyler DeCesare

      Where do you find design inspiration?
      I find vintage machinations fascinating – the beauty of big, old wheels and gears and metal with great patina. They remind me that form and function can be excellent friends, but everything has to work and fit together.

      How do you approach the design process?
      I need to know everything about how my clients live – where the keys go, where the purse ends up after a day of work, how far you want to carry your groceries, where everyone likes to sit during movie night. Design is about making your house work for you. We design most projects to a turnkey level – you show up with your toothbrush. And really, you don’t even bring that, because we buy it for you, so it can match.

      What makes your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers?
      I’m about luxe finishes mixed with found objects – gorgeous planked walls paired with reclaimed beams and classic marble. The best interiors have four components: classic roots, vintage patina, playful scale, and personal touches. You always need something unexpected.

      What is the greatest value you provide to your clients?
      love to help people find out how they live and then show them how their spaces can help them live better. So in the end, when we’re finished, they’re not walking into a DeCesare Design Group Interior; they’re walking into their home. And that, to me, is the ultimate sign of success.

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