Legacy Model - ICBIT-30CIID

76 CM Designer Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer with Ice Maker and Internal Dispenser - Panel Ready


Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical Supply 220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Service ≤ 4 A

Model Options


Feature Overview

    • Over-and-under refrigerator/freezer storage
    • Nano-coated spill-proof shelves for easy clean-up
    • Dual refrigeration keeps food fresher longer
    • Air purification system fights spoilage, odors
    • Crispers and deli drawers in low-temp, high-humidity zones for optimum freshness
    • Automatic ice maker with "max ice" feature
    • Internal water dispenser works with seamless design
    • Water-filtration system reduces contaminants, chlorine taste and odor

Refrigerator Specifications

    • Three adjustable glass shelves
    • One stationary shelf
    • Crisper drawer with two adjustable dividers
    • Adjustable dairy compartment
    • Two adjustable door shelves
    • One stationary door shelf
    • 2 Temperature Zones
    • Air purification system
    • Internal water dispenser
    • Water filtration system

Freezer Specifications

    • Three adjustable drawer dividers
    • Removable ice container
    • Automatic ice maker


    • Replacement water filter

Interior View