76 CM Classic Wine Storage


Temperature, humidity, light, vibration – all these things can harm the flavor of your favorite Chablis or Cabernet. But our ICBBW-30/S built-in wine preservation blends superior-grade materials, advanced technologies and a 70-year tradition of American craftsmanship to defeat the enemies of wine. It incorporates our latest features, to protect your investment and increase your enjoyment of every glass, and has available accessories that enhance your wine experience even further.

The ICBBW-30/S has two individually controlled storage zones, so you can store both reds and whites at the proper temperature. Full-extension racks glide smoothly in and out, providing access without agitating wine. UV-resistant glass and cocoa black back wall prevent light exposure. Dual evaporators maintain constant, moderate humidity. And bright LED lighting makes it easy to find your favorite bottle. With fifteen racks and a 147-bottle capacity, the ICBBW-30/S is ideal for any serious wine enthusiast.

Product Features

  • Rigorously tested to ensure dependability

    Built with premium-grade materials, Sub-Zero products are designed to last a minimum of 20 years. Major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design, and every major function is tested before shipping.
  • Independent storage zones control temperature

    Two independent storage zones maintain wine's temperature within 1⁰ of set point, holding wines at precisely the storage and serving temperature you prefer.

  • UV-resistant glass prevents light exposure

    UV-resistant, dark-tinted glass and new cocoa black back wall shield wine from the harmful rays that can cause premature aging and even unpleasant odors.

  • Brighter LED Lighting

    Interior lighting is energy-efficient and makes it easy to find the bottle you want. Also has a display light – just switch it on, and your wine becomes a decorative element in the room.
  • Home security system connection

    Protect your significant wine investment by linking in with your home security system.

  • Star-K compliant

    Sabbath mode includes the ability to disable all lights and other electrical activity from occurring when the door is opened.

  • Exceptional customer support

    Whether you're shopping for appliances or have questions about those you already own, the Sub-Zero and Wolf Customer Care team has a reputation for service that's as exceptional as its products.

  • Dual evaporators control humidity

    Constant, moderate humidity means no dry corks or wet, peeling labels – and no oxidation robbing wine of its proper flavor.

  • Roller-glide shelves minimize vibration

    Textured shelves cradle bottles safely, glide smoothly in and out to provide access without agitating wine.

  • Intuitive Control

    Intuitive control panel is easy to read, easy to use and allows you to keep temperatures within one degree of set point.


    Organize your wine collection with these metal tiles, bearing the names of merlot, cabernet and six other popular wines.

  • Design Flexibility

    Stainless steel blends into your kitchen design with the classic Sub-Zero look.

Specifications and Downloads

Sub-Zero 76 CM Classic Wine Storage ICBBW-30/S
  • ICBBW-30/S Highlights
    • Rigorously tested in our U.S. manufacturing facilities to ensure decades of use
    • Exceptional support from Customer Care team
    • Two independent temperature zones hold reds and whites at proper serving temperature
    • Dual evaporators for constant, moderate humidity so corks don’t dry out
    • UV-resistant glass door protects against premature wine aging
    • Textured roller-glide shelves for access without agitating wine
    • Brighter LED lighting makes finding bottles easy
    • Intuitive control panel keeps temps within one degree of set point
    • Home security system connection
    • Inventory tile system for better organization
    • Star-K compliant
    • Stainless steel for a classic Sub-Zero look
  • Model Options
    • ICBBW-30/S/PH-LH
    • ICBBW-30/S/PH-RH
    • ICBBW-30/S/TH-LH
    • ICBBW-30/S/TH-RH
  • Technical Specifications
    • Overall Dimensions:762mm W x 2134mm H x 610mm D
    • Wine Storage Capacity: 146 Bottles
    • Door Clearance:796mm
    • Star-K Certified
    • Electrical Supply 220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
    • Electrical Service ≤ 2 A
    • Receptacle: 3-prong grounding-type
  • Guides
  • CAD Libraries
  • Available Accessories for the ICBBW-30/S
    • Bulk storage drawer
    • Wine inventory tiles
    • Wine inventory tiles - writable
    • Dessert wine rack
    • Flush inset 76 cm pro louvered grille panel
    • Flush inset 76 cm solid stainless steel grille panel
    • Flush inset stainless steel front panel with pro handle
    • Flush inset stainless steel front panel with tubular handle
    • Lock kit
    • Stainless steel kickplate - RH
    • Stainless steel kickplate - LH
    • Stainless steel side panel
    • White side panel
    • Dual installation kit with or without dual wide grille–213 cm finished height
    • Built-in custom side panel mounting kit
    • 90° door stop

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