91 CM PRO Refrigerator/Freezer

Sub-Zero91 CM PRO Refrigerator/Freezer ICBPRO3650
Product Details

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions 914mmW x 2134mmH x 610mmD
  • Door Clearance 949mm
  • Drawer Clearance 660mm
  • Weight 286 kg
  • Refrigerator Gross Capacity 534 L
  • Freezer Gross Capacity 126 L
  • Star-K Certified


Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical Supply 220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Service 3 A

Model Options

  • ICBPRO3650-LH
  • ICBPRO3650-RH

Feature Overview

    • Advanced Air Purification Technology
    • Dual refrigeration technology preserves refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air
    • Creates the ideal environment for produce in independently-controlled crisper drawer
    • Easy access to food with full-extension slide-out glass shelf with adjustable gates
    • Controls temperature within one degree of setpoint via intuitive exterior touch control panel
    • Locks in temperature and humidity with soft-close door hinge and magnetic seal on doors and drawers
    • Automatic ice maker with advanced water filtration system
    • Control brightness with soft-on LED lighting that fully illuminates the cavity, making food more visible and less likely to hide
    • Install directly within surrounding cabinetry for built-in, or add accessory panels for freestanding
    • Makes an iconic stainless-steel statement, inside and out

Refrigerator Specifications

    • LED refrigerator and freezer lights
    • 4 glass refrigerator shelves (3 adjustable; 1 full-extension slide-out)
    • 1 high-humidity crisper drawer with adjustable dividers
    • 2 stainless-steel slide-out bins
    • Air purification system

Freezer Specifications

    • 1 full-extension roll-out freezer drawer with automatic ice maker and removable ice container

Interior View