Mastering The M Series Oven


Instead of just setting your oven to a temperature and hoping for the best — as you may be used to doing — you’re going to dial in the cooking mode that’s precisely suited to your dish. Then, you’re going to sit back and relax. No shifting racks around or fretting about the final result. Let your advanced M series oven use its four heating elements and two convection fans to create the customized cooking environment that ensures delicious results every time.

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M Series Ovens with The Conversational Chef

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There have never been ovens like these. The high-performance heirs to our pioneering L series, the M Series combines four striking new looks and advanced Dual VertiFlow™ convection for the most consistently delicious cooking results yet. Ten touchscreen modes let you roast, bake, and broil with ease, while Gourmet Mode has a menu of nearly 50 presets for effortless preparation of virtually any dish.